About Marc Lemoine Architecture LLC

Marc Lemoine Architecture LLC is a full service architectural design firm based in ever evolving Las Vegas, Nevada. MLA is licensed in several western states, including California and Texas. From the firm's inception in 1996, Marc Lemoine's philosophy has been to provide the highest level of client service while designing unique and noteworthy buildings. Marc Lemoine's personal involvement has made the design process more inclusive inviting related disciplines and construction professionals into the design process. The result is a heightened client participation to anticipate costs and scheduling results during construction. For the firm's residential clients this can best be described "Concierge Architectural Service" as attested to by Marc Lemoine architecture's past clients. The firm's portfolio of projects includes; office buildings, retail centers and pads, medical and retail tenant improvements, production homes, multi-family homes, and custom homes.

Education: Bachelor of Architecture,1981, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. A year of study in Florence, Italy.

Professional activities: member American Institute of Architects, certificate holder National Council of Architectural Registration boards.

Marc Lemoine, AIA, NCARB

Project Inception

With any project, it's hard to think of a more important step than the planning phases. It's during this crucial period that a project starts to take form, where the budget is solidified and you can start to see your vision unfolding in front of you.

Schematic Design

When working with an architect, the first step is to meet with them and discuss your vision for the project. With Marc Lemoine Architecture LLC, this step involves an exploration of your goals and needs for the building, two essential factors in determining.


Combining proven, traditional drafting methods with innovative software and programming, our approach leaves no detail overlooked. With our extensive one-on-one consultation process, you are certain to have your vision perfectly translated by our architects.

Design Development

As the architectural process continues to move forward, our team will start developing concise designs for your project. It is during this phase that your vision will truly start to come to life, as we produce more detailed renderings of the building.

3D Renderings

Marc Lemoine Architecture LLC 3D renderings incorporate precisely scaled measurements that result in an accurate real-life digital depiction of your project.

Architectural Drafting

The Marc Lemoine Architecture LLC architectural drafting team is headed by a qualified architect who manages every phase from the planning stages right down to the last detail prior to delivery of your drafting documents.

Rendering Materials

When you're having a building designed, the question you'll likely ask the most often is, "what will it look like?" Having an idea in your head is one thing, but once you've worked with your architect to fully flush out that idea...

Architectural Documents

Obtaining professionally prepared construction documents are crucial to the success of any building project in Las Vegas.

Project Management

No matter what size the building is, a construction project is a significant undertaking. There are hundreds of things, big and small, that require a watchful eye. Keeping track of every detail can be very overwhelming, but with an experienced project manager you can...

Feasibility Studies

Designing a building is an exciting undertaking, but there are a number of practical things that must come before the construction phase actually begins. Before you dive in and start planning how you're going to furnish your future home or office, performing a feasibility study is in order.

Interior Designs

Your home should fill you with a sense of calm. It should be a relaxing space where you can unwind, entertain and create memories. A home is likely the biggest investment you will make during your lifetime, so why settle for something that is anything short of perfect?

Site Selection

Site selection is one of the most exciting phases in an architectural project, because it involves the scouting of locations and the decision of where to construct a building.

Construction Administration

Once you have found the perfect construction company to see your building project through to the end, construction can finally begin.


Every project has a starting point, where interested parties come together to talk about what needs to be done in order to complete the necessary work. In architecture, everything begins with the programming stage.

Bidding & Negotiations

Once the design of your future building is completed, the hunt begins for the best company in Las Vegas to handle the construction.